A rapidly growing technology company that provides social business networking, Jive was crafting a brand refresh that sought to communicate an ethos of transformation. Not only was Jive in a state of exponential growth and transition, its new messaging platform conveyed the software's capability to metamorphosize business communication and productivity. I was tasked with designing an entirely new visual system to articulate this concept, including print and digital collateral and documentation, video presentations, environmental graphics and, ultimately, a flexible library of graphics that could be employed as the brand continued to grow.

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Citi was provided with a head-to-toe solution, bound in an easy to use guidebook. A mission statement, along with accessible Brand DNA components, were delivered in a format that made brand execution simple and clear. 

Evangelists within the company would be armed with ways to bring Citi Simplicity to life by using experience principles and ways of personifying the product itself, enabling an unambiguous way to visualize the heart and soul of the brand.

From first contact and acquisition all the way through to potential termination, a consumer journey with paint points and solution was mapped out. Every step of the way integrated the brand voice and principles, further clarifying not only what the brand stood for, but also how

Graphic design guidance and concepts for making communications both online and in printed bill format much simpler, were crafted. A personal financial health infographic, rewards for being a loyal customer and for making smart choices, and a very clear picture of the customer's financial picture, were to be included, each and every time Citi reached out.