If you haven't met your moment yet, our sherpas are coming to get you off your butt and into the wild.
Your moment is out there. Let's find it. 


The Virtual Sherpa concept was crafted to drastically shift the unsuccessful focus of Clif's Meet the Moment site from hyperbolic results to setting goals and creating experiences, making way for much more compelling opportunities in the energy bar space. North produced a winning pitch around this point of view, along with the key deliverable of the Virtual Sherpa tour, mobile app, and website extension. 


A mobile app extended the brand reach by offering virtual guidance to Clif fans exploring out-of-reach places. Consumers would be guided by cool brand ambassadors active in the outdoor community. Users would be able to upload photos to Clif's existing framework on their Meet The Moment site, as well as share their journeys and ultimately be rewarded by the company itself. 



Clif's online presence would be amended to include journal-ready portions of the site, opportunities for enthusiasts to share their adventures, create meet-ups and contribute to philanthopic efforts matched by CLIF itself. 


A physical bus outfitted with gear and piloted by brand ambassadors would bring the Meet The Moment initiative to life. Special giveaways would happen in cities across the nation, with the ultimate prize being the Clif branded trailer.